Marketing and branding award season

Loerie awards in Durban.

Marketers and creative people are what makes consumers bond to a brand.

It was award season again! No not the music awards! What am I? A music producer? No! I am a digital marketing student so it had to be marketing awards. It was the Loeries. Now if you don’t know, like I first didn’t what these are I will be so kind and tell you. The Loerie Awards Company is a non-profit company that awards companies for brand communication in the Middle East and Africa. Now tell me as a marketing student why that wouldn’t be interesting for me if branding is right up my alley?

I went to their website, you know like all normal people do these days. Just to suss out what they are all about and what not and of course to find out all I can so you would be more informed. The Loeries “recognise that creativity and innovation are vital business tools for communication within the brand communication industry”. So in short they award the amazing people *who just so happens to be people like myself in a few years* for coming up with creative ideas that create that special connection between a brand or a company and the consumer.

Loerie creative week.

Creativity unites the industry. Source:

So the Loeries have been happening forever. This year was their 38th annual event. I know right, I didn’t even know they were that old! And here I am thinking I am all that with my degree that isn’t even completed yet! There are people that have been doing amazing marketing and branding work for ages! Since before I was born even! Not to make this about myself, let’s move on to the Loeries.

Connect with industry. Durban coastline.

A week of connecting with people just like you! Source:

This year’s Loeries were held in Durban at the beautiful Durban ICC building on the 20-21 August. And before the award ceremony they had a Creative Week running from the 15th to the 21 of August. It is actually a programme that creates opportunities for people in the industry to connect with each other. It even includes a leadership seminar. All nice huh! I will definitely be entering in a few years. To see all the winners for this year go to And if you quality work that you feel needs recognising and an award then you should totally enter for the next year award season!

Now go be creative!

Ileni gets premium beer from SAB.

Day at the Newlands Brewery in Cape Town

Ileni learnt that Green bottle = Premium beer!

SAB Newlands Brewery entrance.

SAB Newlands Brewery.

So last week our dear lecturer invited the digital marketing class (yes that is me included!) to crash another class’ tour to…. *drumroll please* the South African Breweries (SAB) in Newlands Cape Town. Yes the other class went because they had an assignment and all that boring college stuff, my classmates and I also went so we could learn something! Just Kidding! Of course we only went for the beer and the selfies! Hahaha! Bummer though, turned out the beer only came after the tour so obviously we had to listen to the tour and actually learn something from our time there.

So the Newlands brewery is the oldest brewery in Africa. Yes they have been making beer forever! Since 1820 to be specific! Now if you must know they make their beer using spring water which they get straight from the multi-functional table mountain. The lucky people of Cape Town get to enjoy beer made with spring water but since they are such alcoholics *Cape Town people I see you* beer from the Johannesburg brewery has to be brought to Cape Town mostly during December.

Newlands brewery is the oldest in Africa but it is home to the best beer

Oldie but goldie. They call it home.

What SAB is doing is great. They are such a big brewery and yet they make sure that all their customers are never out of liquid courage! Hahahah! And how smart is their marketing tactic huh? All these different beer sizes just so our drinking experience can be as comfortable as possible! Cans perfect for outdoor drinking, the small dumpy bottle perfect for braais and the 750ml bottle perfect for when you are lazing around at home. The tall glass for the club. So why exactly wouldn’t we drink the beer when they are making the packaging so damn convenient and appealing for any situation! I’m not an alcoholic I promise! I just enjoy 1 maybe 8 Castle Lites at a braai!

Another marketing trick that I didn’t know but is actually interesting is the fact that they bottle their “premium beer” in green bottles. To give the consumer of the beer that they are consuming a good quality product, who then wouldn’t mind paying premium price for it. Did you know? Well I honestly didn’t!

Castle Lite Lime. A can, tall glass and dumpy bottle.

Castle Lite lime in all the convenient sizes.

See, so I wasn’t just there for fun. Okay a large part of the tour was. Thankfully we finished with it and went to drink the beer that brought us there in the first place. Interesting little thing they said we should try, drink beer made from the Newlands brewery and drink a beer from the brewery in Johannesburg (obviously the same brand beer! Not a Castle Lite and a Castle Lager!) and see if they taste differently because the beer from Joburg is made with tap water. You can thank me later.

Happy drinking my functioning alcoholic friend!

Myself, my friend Sarah and our lecturer.

We were there just for the beer!!

TRESemmé wash day reversal for great hair volume.

Ileni’s hair wash routine in reverse.

Step 1: Condition. Step 2: Wash with  TRESemmé.

Beauty-Full volume product collection with model.

The new Beauty-Full Volume product range for great volume. Source:

So I made the big hair chop last year and have since been very nice to my hair so it grows and all that. Because of all the fuss that I make about my hair now (which obviously irritates everyone around me), I take more and more notice off all the hair ads and new hair products and what not.

Now I have been using the traditional shampoo, then condition my hair then use loooots and loooots of product and moisturisers to get my hair to look the way I want it to look since forever. But recently, I have seen the new TRESemmé ads causing a lot of buzz all over the internet and television. If for some reason or another you have no internet or a TV, which I know you do because you are reading this; and you still didn’t hear or see anything yet. No worries, that’s why am here. Anyways as I was saying the new TRESemmè campaign is all about doing your traditional hair wash routine *the way I do it and am sure most of you too, don’t you dare deny it* in reverse! Crazy right I know! Instead of the traditional shampoo first condition second TRESemmé is all about conditioning hair first then shampooing it second. Why you may wonder? So your hair can look amazing duhh! And of course that great volume! Hey! Stop! I know what you are thinking, how much more volume do I need for hair as thick as mine! I see you! The collection is obviously called the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume. The hair care range consists of: the Beauty-full Volume pre-wash conditioner, Beauty-full Volume Shampoo, Beauty-full Volume Hair maximiser and the Beauty-full Volume touchable bounce mousse.

I like the look of the products, very chic and sophisticated like any other product that TRESemmé introduced. Now for more obvious reasons I can’t use the collection, I mean I can but wouldn’t that be a little funny though? Using products for creating volume for already thick hair? HAHAHA I got jokes today! But I don’t see a reason why the ladies and even guys with hair textures 1-3C can’t try it and tell me what you think about it. Still though, the ads that I have seen are great, I think that this is another collection by TRESemmé that will be a great success.

The beauty-full product collection

The Beauty-full Volume range in all its glory! source:


Wayde van Niekerk running the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Cape Town born & bred Wayde breaking records in Rio 2016 Olympics.

Record breaking time for 400m race.

Am I the only one that is glued to my screen for these Rio 2016 Olympics? Amazing things going on there. Makes me wish I liked to do sports myself. Okay so I know I said I would do anything to meet Chad le Clos and share a Coca-Cola and all that but hunaay forget him. There is a new male specimen that is running (literally) the show this year!. Wayde van Niekerk! OMG he is one yummy looking man too! Too bad he has a girlfriend, so back to what matters. So if for some reason you have been living under a rock in some remote place, I will give you the lowdown so you know what the hype is all about and then you can go Google him yourself. You can thank me later. Wayde is the current world record holder and obviously Olympic champion for the 400m with an outstanding 43.03s! He is South African, yes local and all that! From Cape Town to be specific! He is only 24! And the cherry on the cake, he is a smart man too! Currently studying marketing at the University of the Free States! And yours truly is studying Digital Marketing, we have soooo much in common! *screams and fans face*. Moving on, you heard the saying that behind every successful man there is a woman keeping him steady? You didn’t? Well now you did! In Wayde’s case, this couldn’t be truer! His coach is a woman! Yes a woman! A 74 year old grandmother no less! This makes me wonder, like if a 74 year old woman can coach a grown ass man to gold, who the heck are you not to do something amazing? I didn’t say go around trying to coach random people for the Olympics! LOLZ! Find what you are amazing at and do that! We are all not athletes! Hell I can even run 10m without panting like I was in a huge fight! I suck at athletics! Thank God for people like Wayde though, living the dream for all of us! He has made the whole of South Africa and the world crazy about him! He should get back already, I’ll be waiting at the airport with a huge poster! Jokes! But I know lots of people will be so am chilled.

Wayde with his Gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Thee Wayde van Niekerk and that glistering GOLD! Source: Reuters:





Going for Gold in Rio Olympics

That’s gold! Coca-cola going for gold in the Rio Olympics 2016.

What gold feels like in Rio Olympics 2016 with Coca-cola!

The Rio 2016 Olympics have officially started and are well on the way already. Athletes from all over the world in one place to celebrate and do what they are passionate about and do what they do best! How amazing is that? Events like this where people get together all for the mutual love of anything make my little heart sing and jump with joy!

OMG how amazing is the Coca-cola #That’sGold campaign? I know the campaign started in July a whole month before the actual Olympics but my O my, am I the only one that got super excited about the Olympics when those adverts came on TV? I really like how Coca-cola involved actual Olympiads and athletes in their campaign, it is fun and exciting. The idea of the campaign that gold goes far beyond the podium and is a feeling. That gets me all giddy inside! I mean I am not an athlete and all but when I have a golden moment I always want to tell my friends about it while we share a Coke (and maybe a little brandy or rum). Coca-Cola will celebrate with all of us fans across the world the gold feeling that comes from accomplishing something great, however simple, in an everyday moment. I don’t know about you but I feel very special and all. Having coca cola celebrating my moments with me!

Not only is the campaign fun and exciting, it gives a chance and a platform for fans at the Olympics to get to meet their favourite athletes and Olympiads and who knows maybe even share a Coke with them and share it on social media. What I would give to meet the beautiful Chad le Clos and share Coke with him after we take a selfie! Thank you Coca-cola for sharing my golden moments with me!

American Swimmer Nathan Adrian with his coke.

Coke is more than a drink, it’s a feeling! Adapted from





Me, Myself & iMarketing

My name is Ileni Shithigona. Before we begin I would just like to say that I may or may not have ADHD so don’t mind me when I get off topic to talk about something else. I swear I got the attention span of a goldfish! I don’t even know how I manage a relationship! Anyways moving on. I am a digital marketing student. Yay I have made it through first year and am somehow managing my second of a three year degree program at the amazing Prestige Academy. I’m from Namibia, Land of the brave they call it. Lived there my entire life and now, well am in Cape Town. One of the most beautiful places to live and visit as they say. Not that I would know I don’t go out much. I can be a bit of an introvert. But the main reason is probably because I don’t have a car and I am terrified of the trains!

I am the most normal person I know! JK even saying that made me laugh at how weird that is. I am the weirdest person I know. That is probably why I decided to go into the marketing field in the first place. Specifically digital marketing because I am fascinated by how it all comes together with the traditional marketing methods. I like the fact that there are no wrong answers in Marketing. I like the fact that there are so many platforms and media at my disposal to get a message or anything for that matter to people at the same time. I love the individuality and versatility of social media, no two social media platforms are the same! I get bored easily and can’t concentrate for long periods. Digital marketing ensures that I am always doing something new and exciting!


Me being me. Isn’t black just great! I love black!